What Secures the Success of Your Christmas Campaign?

November 12, 2018 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto

Christmas Campaign 2018

We are probably all busy right now preparing for Christmas campaigns. But wait! Before launching your end-of-the-year campaigns, take a brief look at this checklist.

This checklist provides you with 8 critical elements that will secure your campaigns' success.

1. A clear goal and KPI

You must have a clear goal behind your campaign's theme, which right now is Christmas and New Year holidays. Without a specific purpose, you will end up losing your focus and generating mediocre content. If you have a clear goal, such as increasing revenue by xx% or generating xx amount of leads, you should write it down, circulate it amongst your team so that everyone knows it really well, and determine an appropriate set of KPIs. You then must continuously track the KPIs to get timely measurements of your campaign's progress.

2. Unique hashtags

If you merely use common hashtags such as #christmas, #christmaseve, #santaclaus, #newyearseve, #newyearsday, or #christmas2018, your campaign might fall into the "chameleon" trap. People would pay more attention to a unique hashtag, which is based on your brand, the campaign's content, and other trending keywords picked up from relevant conversations. Use creative hashtags wisely so that your audience would also start using them.

3. Resonating stories

Your campaign can touch your audience's heart via stories. Since people will be overwhelmed by tons of brands' new content during Christmas holiday season, make sure that your narratives convey a condensed message that resonates with what people are interested in. Adding a plot twist to your stories could be a great idea because it surprises your audience and opens up new perspectives towards seasonal events and holidays. I’ve personally always liked Finnair’s Christmas campaigns, where they use Santa Claus and flying to capture people’s feelings of wanting to be with their family.




 4. Collaboration with influencers

By using social influencers to promote your seasonal campaigns, you can grow your brand awareness and audience base. If you are new to influencer marketing, start from a small step, which is to learn about three types of influencers. Micro-influencers typically work the best. You can find 1-3 local relevant candidates via agencies or work with companies like us to find the best influencers for your business.


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5. Appealing images and videos

A wall of text is tasteless to your audience. Featuring eye-catching visual content in your social posts will make your campaign stand out. Outsourcing creative images and videos to professional producers can save your time. But if your budget is tight, your in-house materials should be at least in high resolution and aesthetic style with a consistent color scheme. In order to preserve the original quality, make sure image sizes are tailored for different platforms.

If you do incorporate images and videos to your campaigns, make sure you have a social media monitoring service that is able to comprehend complicated and contextual posts, such as sarcasm, irony, and jokes. You need to monitor real-time how your audience is reacting to the campaign.

For example, the following post can be considered to be a negative conversation which you don’t want to be spread all around social media. Regular analytics can’t comprehend these types of posts correctly, so just be careful!



6. Crisis management

Negativity, backlashes, or severe attacks can happen while you are running a seasonal campaign. That’s why you need to be alert at how your audience is reacting to your campaign at all times. You need to prepare several backup plans and a concrete step-by-step roadmap for your team to put a crisis under control quickly.

7. A mixture of different marketing channels

Your campaign will leave a strong impression if you show up in various channels at the same time. You should, of course, use channels and hubs where most of your prospects are active. They can be social media platforms, websites, forums, or real-life events such as conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

8. Continuous social media analysis

Social media is extremely crowded. Once your company's campaign is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, your message might reach your target audience. Or it might not. But there is always a possibility that someone will interact with your posts, mention your brand, express opinions, and share with others, which will accumulate to become a mountain of data to digest. Before conducting your Christmas campaign this season, you should prepare a plan to track and analyze your communication flow on social media on a regular basis. If this task goes beyond your capacity or consumes too much time, you should use a high-quality social media analytics service. 

Your audience is looking forward to innovative ideas during the holiday season from your brand. Take advantage of this great season, plan well, give people brand-new content, but don't forget to listen to them. Their reactions reveal the winning insights, which enable you to reach their heart.


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