What Is Social Media Sentiment Analysis?

April 8, 2019 / by Joonas Linkola


Social Sentiment refers to the emotion behind a social mention. Just to clarify what a social mention is - a post on social media containing text, pictures, videos - you name it.

Social Sentiment answers to the following questions: What tone is the conversation in? Is it positive, negative or neutral? The sentiment of the social mention adds important context to the whole conversation.

Social Sentiment Analysis

If you don't measure and analyze the sentiment of social mentions, the whole context is missing, which means that mentions alone may be misleading you to believe one thing over the other. Focusing only on quantitative metrics (as in the amount of social mentions) will not provide you actionable insights that can help you re-formulate your digital strategy.

InsightsAtlas Sentiment Analysis

To illustrate this - a consumer brand may just have launched a new product, and is now experiencing a rapid growth in social mentions related to its brand. You might automatically assume that the sudden attention is only positive because more mentions usually means more people discussing about the new product. However, what if the mentions actually are negative? That changes the whole story.

When analyzing Social Sentiment, it is critical to only consider high-quality analytics. Social media is full of spam (such as your own advertisement and social postings) and irrelevant content. These irrelevant data must be filtered out in order to get accurate insights from Social Sentiment.

There are a bunch of social media monitoring and listening tools available in the market. However, it is difficult to find a tool that accurately filters out all the irrelevant data. Only the most high-quality analytics focused on doing this - filtering out irrelevant data - can bring you the real sentiment data. 

In addition, social media data can be extremely complex nowadays - posts are full of pictures, video, different languages, slang, etc. Also, social mentions often contains aspects such as irony and sarcasm, things that computers cannot handle and analyze by themselves.

Therefore, the best way to ensure that the data is being analyzed accurately, is to combine human intelligence with computer-based algorithms.

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Our key take away
here is, that by measuring the true Social Sentiment, you will get a greater understanding of your social media presence, as well as a greater insight into your brand on social. This way, you'll understand the big picture, which will help you make smarter strategic decisions.

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