What is Unstructured Data?

September 3, 2018 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto

Unstructured Data

As a marketing, communication or brand professional, you must know what "unstructured data" is. Can you confidently tell your boss that you are capable of analyzing unstructured data?

Social media analytics is a subset of data science. But if you only use traditional data analytics technology to analyze your entire social media activities, the results will be inaccurate because traditional technologies cannot comprehend "unstructured data".

So what is "unstructured data"? Watch this 2-minute video to fully understand!




1. What is unstructured data?

Unstructured data is a type of information which does not adhere to any pre-established processing models or structures. It can be ambiguous texts with sarcasm or mockery, an image, a video, a soundtrack, or a combination of these elements.

2. Unstructured data is difficult to interpret 

Social media platforms allow users to generate and share their own posts in diverse ways. This forces social media analytics tools to digest excessive amount of unstructured data. But unstructured data has no predetermined analyzing model to benchmark. In order to eradicate this complicated issue, your social media analytics tool must combine its own advanced algorithms with human intelligence.

3. Unstructured data cannot be ignored

Unstructured data is similar to the lower part of an iceberg, under the sea. It reflects our hyperconnected and ever-growing cultures, gives a specific context, and reveals more about your target audience than a purely text-based data. So without handling unstructured data, your social media analytics would bring little value.


To summaraize, unstructured data is ambiguous and complicated, difficult to interpret, but should not be ignored.

To make sure your social media analytics produces valuable insights, our unique analytics service has combined advanced computer technology with human intelligence to interpret unstructured data, which no other analytics tools can.

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