Social media analytics checklist: How to do it right?

Social listening is one of the top growing trends around social media in 2019. Here are the most important aspects of functional social media analysis:

10 Tips to Deal with Negative Comments on Social Media

What to do when you receive a negative comment to your brand or to your influencers on social media?

Emojis - Nightmare for Sentiment Analysis

People love using emojis on social media, since they are cute and fun. But it's a headache for brands and customer insights professionals because social monitoring tools can't understand those...

What Secures the Success of Your Christmas Campaign?

We are probably all busy right now preparing for Christmas campaigns. But wait! Before launching your end-of-the-year campaigns, take a brief look at this checklist.

How Social Media (Should) Change Management

Management rarely takes place in a comfort zone. Under constant pressure, having to face recurring changes, needing to please customers...

Why You Need to Understand Visual Data

Social media is now full of visual content. Statistics can prove that. What's challenging now is to understand those visual posts on social media. 

What is Unstructured Data?

As a marketing, communication or brand professional, you must know what "unstructured data" is. Can you confidently tell your boss that you are capable of analyzing unstructured data?

Reliable Sentiment Score

In my previous blog, I explained how you grade on sentiment score of your brand on social media can either help increase sales or bring unforeseen crisis. But how reliable can it be?

Social Sentiment Score - Explained.

How you grade on sentiment score of your brand on social media can either help increase sales or bring unforeseen crisis. So what is social sentiment and why is it so difficult to get accurate...

"NOISE" on Social Media - Explained.

What is “noise” on social media? Are you sure you are filtering out “noise” data from social media analytics results? Unless you do, you will be basing your marketing strategy on biased and...

Evil Social Media Bots - in 1,5 min!

Social media bots can attack your brand at any time. They can fool you into partnering with low-quality influencers, damage your brand image, and distort your social media analytics results.

Politicians and Social Media: Best Friends or Enemies?

Politicians are aware that their actions and statements can go viral on the Internet at any time. But are they really aware how fast, vast, and serious it is? 

Under Cyber Attack? Social Media May Be the Hidden Accomplice.

Cyber security issues have been a hot topic for years and cyber attack is nothing new, but what’s surprising is that social media can be a notorious accomplice.

Why You Should Not Use *Free* Social Media Analytics Tools

Free analytics tools give you a chance to see how your social media accounts have grown in scale but little info is provided to formulate a solid marketing strategy.

Why Data Analysis is So Important in Influencer Marketing

Many companies pour huge amount of investment into influencer marketing without really understanding what the ROI is.

6 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Turns Negative

Negativity in influencer marketing stems from both your and your influencers’ misunderstanding of the audience, which can severely damage your brand image.

How Financial Services Can Survive from the Massive Bitcoin Attack

People are vigorously arguing about Bitcoin, especially on Twitter and Facebook. These platforms are rich sources of information on Bitcoin. 

Analysis of 3 Finnish Brands’ Social Media Activities

Finnish summer is an exceptionally quiet season, as everyone tends to take long vacation. But social media discussions never stop.

5 Questions to Answer to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors on Social Media

Competitor analysis is usually based on data collected from different sources. Is social media one of them? Do you know how you compare against them?

6 Ways to Engage Influencers in Marketing Campaigns: Part 1

There are different approaches to effectively work with influencers based on the industry you are in, your past experience, and budget.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Rely on Agencies with Social Analytics

If you are using an agency that also provides you with data analytics related to how your marketing campaigns performed, this is a must read.

7 Benefits of Sentiment Analysis You Can’t Overlook

Sentiment analysis is your main tool to understand how people feel about your brand.

Sentiment Analysis is Totally Fu**ed Up!

We humans are complicated mammals and we are no longer satisfied with just texts and words to express our emotions and opinions.

6 Reasons Why You Need Accurate Social Media Analytics Service

Customers control your brand by publicly making comments in various social media platforms. They post pictures, write ironic comments, or promote them for you.

Social Listening for Real-Time Monitoring

Social listening, monitoring, and measuring have become critical to get the bigger picture in marketing. Analytics is gaining a stronger foothold all the time.

Social Media, Key To Humanization?

We often hear that digitalization distances us from the 'real world'. Social media is bad and unhealthy, preventing us from creating real relationships with real people. 

How to Manage Crisis Communications

Criticism and other negative expressions can be very harmful for your brand. No brand is ever safe from negative publicity online. 

Social Listening For Managing Customer Complaints?

The customer is the king. In today's digital world, it's more true than ever. Thanks to social media, the customer now has power of the brand. 

Complain via Social Media and Get a Faster Response

There was a time when a harshly-worded letter was the only way to have your complaint heard by a company. Now, if you want to complain, do it in social networks!

Social Media Marketing = Core To Business

Dear marketers, listen up. You all already know that there is a digital evolution happening within marketing right now, and that social media is a great part of it. 

Is Your Brand Afraid of Negative Reviews?

People are now able to say whatever they want about your company on social media, whether it's something positive or not. Customers now own the brand.

Digital Trends in 2016: Video Marketing

Online video is gaining a stronger foothold all the time, and this year has been a really exciting one. Popularity of using it for marketing purpose is also increasing. 

Twitter Makes Diplomacy More Open and Public

Twitter changed how diplomats interact and influenced how we see global leaders....from embarrassing tweets and international spats.

Using Twitter to Track Earthquakes

Data gathered from Twitter has given researchers at Stanford new ways to track emergency responses after a disaster, such as creating more accurate ShakeMaps.