The Importance of Understanding Trends in Your Industry

May 15, 2018 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto

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By spotting trends specific to your industry on social media, you can leverage those to increase your brand awareness and sales revenue. 

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, we analyzed the conversations related to "Finland" on Twitter during a 3-months timeframe, to see what kind of insights we can get from big data. The ultimate goal of the analysis was to provide valuable insights, especially to those working in the tourism and politics sectors, and contribute to formulating a better communication strategy for Finland.


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This list shows the top filtered keywords/ hashtags users were using related to Finland in English language on Twitter during the tracking period.

Top Themes about Finland on Twitter 

There is no doubt that Finland’s 100 years of Independence created the most amount of discussions, from event news to congratulation posts.


The second most trending topic was Catalonia. This drew plenty of international attention when the Finnish Parliamentmember Mikko Kärnä publicly supported the independence of Catalonia, as discussed earlier in section Insight 2.

The theme “raperanked fourth, which was an unfortunate and exceptional case during this tracking period, as there were rulings to two foreigners who had raped Finnish girls.

Besides these rather timely-specific themes, following themes also stood out:

#3. Education, #5. Lapland, #6. Travel, #7. Nature, and #8. Photography.


Clearly the world talks about education and traveling when it comes to Finland, and Lapland is the choice of destination for social media users. Perhaps, the travel industry should also consider putting more efforts into highlighting other wonderful regions and cities of Finland in their marketing communications, not just Lapland.

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