The Essentials of Influencer Marketing

January 10, 2017 / by Matti Miettinen Matti Miettinen


In order to take full advantage of social media influencers to promote your brand, there are a few essential points you need to remember in your strategy. 

From the planning phase to the execution phase, influncer marketing has to always have "influencer analysis" in place.  By doing an influencer analysis, you can identify who would be the best influncers for your brand, and eventually identify how their appointed influencers are performing. This means that they can see the share of voice of the paid influencers' conversation and visibility. Through analysis, it is also possible for brands to evalute whether influencers are speaking about the brand in a positive or negative tone.

InsightsAtlas Influencer Analysis


We conducted an influencer analysis for a large Entertainment copmany related to its campaigns. The company wanted to know how its partner influencers were performing on social media. We were able to map out these influencers' activities and visibility, as well as provide suggestions to the company regarding their influencer marketing.

  • By tracking the influencers of the brand's campaign, we found that the biggest influencers generated the least conversation, because they were inactive. Visibility was gained by one or two promotional posts, but there was no conversation. The audience of the bigger influencers didn't really catch the message. However, a couple of a lot less influential authors generated much more conversation as they were more genuinely interested about the topic.
  • A big buzz regarding one of the campaigns was created by just one of the influencers. The publishers, magazines and the brand itself weren't able to create the same buzz as this famous celebrity. Yet, other same level influencers weren't as active and therefore didn't drive that much conversation and visibility.
  • The best performing influencers communicated with their audience like they were extremely interested about the audience's thoughts and the topic. Meanwhile, the influencers that didn't drive conversation was talking about the topic in a totally different tone. These influencers were mainly just posting content that felt too much like advertisements.

Essential Points to Focus on:

  • Focus on identifying influencers who already like and communicate with your brand and care about their own audience. Engage with them on social media and try to find a common ground that would benefit both of you. For example, if you have a strong audience, the influencer could benefit for reaching your audience as well.
  • When considering paying an influencer in order to reach the audience of this influential person, make sure to track how the appointed influencer performs. This aspect should also be clear and straight-forward when negotiating the deals.
  • Lastly, nobody likes bad, superficial advertisements. To make the whole collaboration more natural and genuine, find influencers who truly believes in and loves your brand. Likewise, your brand should also appreciate the influencer. 

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