Social media analytics checklist: How to do it right?

April 29, 2019 / by Joonas Linkola


Social listening is one of the top growing trends around social media in 2019. Here are the most important aspects of functional social media analysis:

1) Listen to other brands and topics too, not only your own channels. People talk about your brand and the trends all over the social media. Most importantly: Your customers talk about your brand even they would not follow your channels or you would not even have one. 

2) Aggregate also visual data and natural language, not only text. Simply, majority of the social media data is other than text. For example, data from Facebook will include links, emojis, photos, GIFs, videos, and natural language.  

3) Filter the irrelevant data and spam before the analysis. Don't let the redundant content ruin your analytics. For example, advertisements and content created by your brand are not relevant when you are listening to your customers. Bot created content will distort your analytics results as well. 

4) Utilise human analysts and AI-analysis. Textual content can be analysed with AI-based analysis. As for natural language, photos, videos, audio, and context, you will need a professional analyst. Having a local human analyst has several advantages: They know the culture, the humour, and dialects. 

What kind of analytics service are you using now? Have you compared it to others?

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