Social Listening For Managing Customer Complaints?

February 7, 2017 / by Matti Miettinen Matti Miettinen


The customer is the king. In today's digital world, it's more true than ever. Thanks to social media, the customer now has power of the brand. 

Public discussions on social media nowadays also mean public customer complaints. How are social listening and customer complaints related to each other?

The power of customers and social media complaints is an interesting topic for discussion. The same subject is discussed in Social Media Today. Due to the emergence of social media, it's now possible for consumers to interact with any brand in real-time, both for expressing satisfaction with the brand, or their disappointment for that matter. However, the fact is that customer complaints on social media are largely being ignored. According to Maritz Reserach and Evolve24 study, the number of ignored complaints is as high as 70 %. In other words, too many customer complaints are left aside.

There are 3 reasons why customer complaints should never be ignored on social media.

  1. Whenever a customer uses social media to complain, it's probably because the person already has gotten bad customer service from the company's traditional customer support. At this point the customer is frustrated and angry, so provoking the person further by ignoring the complaint is definitely not recommended. Deleting the complaint is neither a wise alternative. This way, the customer most likely moves over to your competitor instead.

  2. The whole world may be watching when someone complains on social media. And this includes current and potential customers. People are namely less likely to do business with a company that ignores complaints on social media, so you can imagine what it does to the brand image.

  3. Unhappy customers just want to be heard. Listening goes a long way, even though you're not able to completely solve their problem. Therefore, responding to the dissatisfied customer is key. At the same time, the company can eventually turn the negative into something positive, and thereby improve the customer's experience.

What can we learn from this? Wherever the customers are talking, you need to be listening. Today, it means listening to what is being said on social media. However, because of the vast amount of data, no social media team alone is able to track everything that is said regarding their brand.

How to solve this?

The answer is social media analytics. With the help of high-quality analytics, it's possible to react fast in real-time whenever someone mentions the brand on social media. This way, it's easier for you to provide good customer service, but at the same time protect the reputation of the brand. Also, by listening to what your current and potential customers are discussing on social media, you'll get a greater understanding of what they like and don't like, which gives you greater insight into how to improve the business.

Does your brand have any bad experiences with customer complaints?

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