Social Listening for Real-Time Monitoring

Social listening, monitoring, and measuring have become critical to get the bigger picture in marketing. Analytics is gaining a stronger foothold all the time.

Social Media, Key To Humanization?

We often hear that digitalization distances us from the 'real world'. Social media is bad and unhealthy, preventing us from creating real relationships with real people. 

What is an "Influencer"?

Let's get back to the basics. In order to start utilizing and succeed in "Influencer marketing", you need to first understand what the term "influencer" really means. Who are they?

The Future of Social Media Advertising?

Convergence of precise analytics, programmatic audience-buying tools, and stickiness of apps have made social media one of major ad platforms.

Big Data For Social Brand Insight

We live in an ever changing digital world. Technology and data is gaining a stronger foothold all the time, both in business and in private life. I have been in the marketing profession for over...

How to Identify Influencers for Your Brand

Identifying and working with the “right” influencers for your brand is the key to whether your influencer marketing will succeed or not.

Why Every Marketer is a Data Scientist

Data, data, data. In today's marketing, data is key. Data gives you the needed insight for making smart decisions. That's why marketers needs to be a data scientist. 

How to Manage Crisis Communications

Criticism and other negative expressions can be very harmful for your brand. No brand is ever safe from negative publicity online. 

Social Listening For Managing Customer Complaints?

The customer is the king. In today's digital world, it's more true than ever. Thanks to social media, the customer now has power of the brand. 

Why Do You Need Clean Data in Social Analytics?

If you are analyzing your social media activities without cleaning your data first, you are wasting your time. Clean data is the key to getting your strategy right. 

Complain via Social Media and Get a Faster Response

There was a time when a harshly-worded letter was the only way to have your complaint heard by a company. Now, if you want to complain, do it in social networks!

The Essentials of Influencer Marketing

In order to take full advantage of social media influencers to promote your brand, there are a few essential points you need to remember in your strategy. 

Misinterpretation of Emoji in Social Analytics

We all know what emojis are. Those small ideograms and smileys. They can actually cause serious problems for social media analytics. 

How to do Trend Analysis: Case Story

How can brands spot the hottest trends that are meaningful to them, from all the social data available out there, in order to jump onto them as they happen? And how to use that to your advantage?

How To Succeed In Influencer Marketing?

By implementing influencer marketing, you might succeed in getting a hype for your brand. But how to succeed in truly getting ROI on influencer marketing?

When to Pay Social Media Influencers in Marketing?

Influencer marketing has started to explode. It has become a hype. But when do we really need to start paying to influencers in marketing?

Social Media Influencer: Beyoncé

A social influencer has great power online and is able to either praise or bash a company's reputation in the blink of an eye. What can you learn from Beyoncé and Red Lobster?

How to Analyze Brands on Instagram?

With a community of 400 million, Instagram and "Graming" is now bigger than ever. It's the place to be when sharing important moments, both big and small, through inspiring visual stories. 

What is the Key to a Comprehensive Brand Insight?

Even though most marketing professionals acknowledge the importance of analytics, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Social Media Marketing = Core To Business

Dear marketers, listen up. You all already know that there is a digital evolution happening within marketing right now, and that social media is a great part of it. 

Why Should You Invest in Influencer Analysis?

Many of you are realizing the opportunities of using influential people in your marketing, but are you actually targeting the right influencers in social media?

5 Reasons Why Instagram Continues to Grow

Social media is here to stay. Still, like any other trend, social media platforms come and go. However, Instagram keeps on growing this year. We'll tell you why.

Emoji Analytics?

Emoji is used everywhere in social media. Emoji analytics is now on the rise with this trend, but what is emoji analytics and how to actually analyze them and their meanings?

What is Clean Data in Analytics?

Clean data is a dataset that has filtered out all irrelevant content, spam, and noise. Clean data helps you derive actionable insight that is really relevant to your business. 

Klout and Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers can play a big role for your brand.  But, it's not always that clear-cut what defines a social media influencer. Different terms are used for describing this, such as...

Is Your Brand Afraid of Negative Reviews?

People are now able to say whatever they want about your company on social media, whether it's something positive or not. Customers now own the brand.

How to Increase Organic Twitter Followers Without Spending a Dime

Do you want to increase the amount of organic followers without paying anything to those service providers and applications?

Digital Trends in 2016: Video Marketing

Online video is gaining a stronger foothold all the time, and this year has been a really exciting one. Popularity of using it for marketing purpose is also increasing. 

Twitter Makes Diplomacy More Open and Public

Twitter changed how diplomats interact and influenced how we see global leaders....from embarrassing tweets and international spats.

What Is Viral Content?

We have all probably heard the expression 'Going viral'. It's one of the most used "hype" terms within social media and digital marketing space. 

When Brand Marketing Fails in Social Media

Twitter, as well as other social media, has generated tremendous opportunities for companies to engage with customers. But not all ends up positive. 

Social Media and TV shows - What's the Sentiment?

Have you ever tweeted or posted on other social media platforms while watching TV? Sharing with friends what was bad or funny? 

4 Reasons to Use Twitter Ads

Twitter ads popularity has increased dramatically over the years. Twitter ads can be an effective way to broaden your reach, increase brand awareness, and generate leads. 

What is "Unstructured Data"?

'Unstructured Data' refers to those data in social media that even the most powerful computers are unable to classify. 

Why do you have to care about this? 

How to Get More Shares on Twitter?

It is in the interest of companies as well as personal Twitter users to get as many shares on Twitter as possible. Here are some tips on how to get more shares to increase your brand awareness.

Techniques for Covering Breaking News Events

Whether reporting from a government meeting or on the scene of a breaking event, Twitter helps journalists report what’s happening the instant it happens. 

7 Tips for Getting Good Customer Support on Twitter

Frustrated by bad customer service? Mad because your cable company is giving you bad telephone support? Take your complaint to Twitter. 

Police in India Joins Twitter

Twitter is growing in India and during this year it is estimated that India will have the third largest user base on Twitter. Twitter users are definitely increasing in emerging markets

Twitter Users Increasing in Emerging Markets

During 2014, Twitter’s user base will increase by 24.4% according to eMarketer’s forecast, and will continue with double-digit gains through 2018.

Using Twitter to Track Earthquakes

Data gathered from Twitter has given researchers at Stanford new ways to track emergency responses after a disaster, such as creating more accurate ShakeMaps.

Twitter Acquires Gnip, a Social Data Provider

Twitter announced today on its official blog that it acquired Gnip, a long-time partner since 2010 and social data provider. 

The Social Aftermath – What Twitter Can Tell Us on Crisis in Ukraine

It is intimidating how much power press holds over general opinion. Who is responsible of making sure that info passed through is reliable and correct? 

What Do Ukrainians Really Think About Recent Events?

The hottest topic at the moment in the social media is the Ukrainian crisis. What's interesting is to be able to find out what average Ukranians are really thinking. 

Can Twitter Overthrow Facebook and Google?

The newest debutante of the social media ball may be the most difficult to understand. Twitter isn't easy to describe, nor is it simple to explain how to use it.