"NOISE" on Social Media - Explained.

June 21, 2018 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto

What is “noise” on social media? Are you sure you are filtering out “noise” data from social media analytics results? Unless you do, you will be basing your marketing strategy on biased and inaccurate data.

Watch this 2-minute video, explaining to you what "noise" is. Transcript of the video is available below, in case you prefer reading over watching/listening!


2. Noise on social media


60 to 80% of social media data you analyze is so-called "noise", which brings no value to your brand. 

1. Irrelevant Data

"Noise" can be irrelevant data, such as posts unrelated to your brand, even though they still contain your brand name or hashtag. For example, when searching the hashtag #justdoit on Twitter, you will get a mixture of posts mentioning Nike and those talking about something completely different. Even if you add hashtag #NIKE to your search, you will still irrelevant posts. These noise distort your social media analytics results, so you must find a clever way to filter them out. 

2. Bots

"Noise" can be bots, which are computer programs acting like real humans. Bots can be used to create huge amount of fake followers, spread political propaganda, and attack your brand image. Bots must also be recognized and filtered out of your social media analytics. 

3. Internet Trolls

Despite being a real human user, internet trolls are persistent whiners spamming to your brand accounts to draw attention by saying something provocative, non-sense, off-topic, or personal. They don't support your conversations, but on the contrary, try to sell their own products. 


Social media is full of "noise", consisting of spammers, brand attackers, and opportunists, taking advantage of your content. Make sure you recognize them and filter them out when conducting social media analytics. Or else, you'll be formulating your marketing strategy on an extremely inaccurate and biased data. 

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