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April 4, 2018 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto

Finland Twitter Case Study - Insight 1

For any marketing professionals that care about your target customer's sentiment towards your brand, it is important to take a look outside your own bubble every once in a while.

2017 was an exciting year for Finland, because everyone was waiting to celebrate its 100 years of independence on December 6, 2017.

We were quite sure that social media would be full of discussions related to Finland during the latter half of 2017, so we decided to make a “Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan” website, which gathered all posts mentioning Finland on Twitter. This was open to the public during the last few months of 2017. We wanted to use our own Technology (social media analytics) to ease everyday lives of Finns, so that they wouldn’t miss any of the “market square” celebrations.

From our “Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!” website, visitors were able to see, live, all posts that kept popping up on Twitter, that were related to the topic Finland. We also provided live statistics on the amount of tweets within an hour or last 24 hours, as well as the amount of retweets, potential impressions, potential media value, and the language the tweets were written in.

“Suomi mainittu” means “Finland is mentioned” but ”Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan” as a phrase has a special meaning to Finns. The following is a direct quotation from Urban Dictionary:

“Torilla tavataan” means “let’s meet at the Market Square”. The square is the location of big celebratory events, such as Ice Hockey World Championship victories, and whenever Finland is mentioned outside its borders in any form, people use “torilla tavataan” sarcastically to make fun of the fact that the Finns are obsessed by international recognition and attention and “what do they think about us”. It’s commonly used with a word about or from Finland. The combination of ”Suomi Mainittu” and “Torilla Tavataan!” is similar to a calling from the Finns. It triggers a feeling of proudness and patriotism among Finns when Finland is mentioned outside of their borders. Finns also welcome their international friends to mention Finland on social media.


Six Surprising Insights from Analyzing Finland on Twitter

Finland is a brand of its own and it is important (or at least very interesting) to know how well the Finnish brand is performing on social media worldwide. Thus, we decided to carry out an analysis on the tweets that were posted during the time the “Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan” website was up.

By utilizing in-house advanced technology and human intelligence, InsightsAtlas analyzed Finland-related Twitter posts to identify the most trending topics, which language/country was talking about Finland the most, and the amount of media value these Twitter posts were bringing to the brand Finland.

The ultimate goal of the analysis was to provide valuable insights, especially to those working in the tourism and politics sectors, and contribute to formulating a better communication strategy for Finland.

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In this blog, I'll write about one of the insights that leads you to think you need to look outside your own bubble every once in a while. 

This chart shows the visibility levels of the topic “Finland” in Finnish language.

Finnish Impressions


During the tracking period, Finnish people discussed alot about the music group ”Thirty Seconds to Mars” coming to Finland and its ticket sales. On December 1, Jared Leto (member of the said group) tweeted in Finnish language, which got re-tweeted 184 times, gaining over 4,5 million potential impressions. International superstars get lots of visibility in scale since Finland is a small country.



On November 29, news related to who got the Finlandia Prize (children’s literature, fiction and non-fiction for 2017) was also rather big.

The chart below shows the visibility levels of the topic “Finland” in all languages (top 10 languages from our analysis).  Common peaks between the chart above and below can be seen on October 10 when Word Cup Qualifier match was held between Finland and Turkey, and on December 6 when Finland celebrated its 100 years of independence.

Otherwise, the discussions on relevant peak days are completely different between what Finnish people talked about in Finnish language versus what people talked about in other languages.


All languages impressions


October 6 - 7

October 9

  • World Cup Qualifier match was held between Finland and Turkey, and 2-2 draw created massive attention.
  • The visibility peak was the largest during the tracking period, although the post count on the same day was low. This is because there were posts by acclaimed Twitter profiles such as @JuddLegum who has 259k followers, about Donald Trump’s sexual allegation related to former Miss Finland, Ninni Laaksonen, in July 2006. This gained massive visibility, and his post was re-tweeted over 7,2k times.

October 26

November 23



December 20




What people discuss on social media related to your country can define the brand image of the said country. However, monitoring your own language is definitely not enough. What people discuss domestically is different from what people abroad discuss about your country.

Anyone working in the profession to promote Finland as a country, whether as a politician, in the tourist industry, or in sports, should monitor all languages around the world to understand where your country stands with regards to your brand image. 

If there is a gap in what Finnish people talk about and what international audience talk about related to Finland, imagine how your product or service can be perceived very differently between your home audience and international audience. For any brands that care about their target customer's sentiment towards your brand, you need to keep on looking outside, close the gap in your understanding by getting out of your bubble. 

Download the case study with full insights from here: 

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