Is Social Media Part of Your Sales Strategy?

April 26, 2017 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto


Social media can serve many different purposes. Most consider it to have effect on increasing brand awareness and as a medium to provide customer service. 

However, many companies still don't seem to incorporate social media into their overall sales strategy.

Social media can be an excellent sales channel and have a great impact on sales revenue. The challenge so far has been that C-level management has not been able to see how social media can really impact on sales revenue, so the sales and marketing team haven't been able to get the buy-in from them to do more in social media. 

InsightsAtlas has now partnered with PwC Finland to provide a revolutionary concept where we can prove to the C-level decisision makers how your social media activities are impacting your financial success. In this video, Janne Sergejeff from PwC Finland explains how Public Response Analysis works. 


Proving that social media activities correleates with financial success is important, but what is more important is to then increase social media activities in a way that would have positive effect on sales revenue.  

The key is to listen to what the trends are in your industry, what your target customers are talking about, and evaluating the sentiment of your customers. Getting accurate customer insight is the first step in having a successful social media strategy. If you know your customers well, you know how to talk to them. This means knowing how they behave, what their motivators are, what they value and how they make their decisions.

How to get accurate insights then?

By using accurate analytics service. Most analytics tools in the market today are not cleaning out irrelevant data nor can they interpret complicated data which includes images, sarcasms, and ironic comments. Big data doesn't mean anything unless it is used correctly. 

Contact us to compare your current analytics tools with our service to see how different your social media statistics and brand insight can be.  

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