Evil Social Media Bots - in 1,5 min!

June 13, 2018 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto

Evil Social Media Bots

Social media bots can attack your brand at any time. They can fool you into partnering with low-quality influencers, damage your brand image, and distort your social media analytics results.

You can read more about evil social media bots in our previous blog or watch this 1,5 min video, explaining to you everything you need to know about evil social media bots!

1. Evil social media bots


Here is a transcript of the video, in case you prefer reading over watching/listening!


Social media bots can attack your brand at any time. So what can can these evil bots do?

1. Bots fool you into partnering with low-quality influencers

To the outside world, a bot can look like a real human user. It can be in any shapes and sizes, very easy to create , and multiply quickly. One can use bots to act as fake followers, then become an influencer on social media. If you accidentally partner with that influencer, you will probably fail with your campaigns because you are basically communicating to a bunch of fake audience. 

2. Bots damage your brand image

Your competitor may be using bots to damage your brand since bots can be used to create a bogus community that fosters propaganda against your brand image. These army of bots can be very active, shifting the public attention from your ongoing marketing campaigns to the nonsense spamming. 

3. Bots distort your social media analytics results 

Typically, 60-80% of the social media data you are analyzing is irrelevant. If you are using some social media analytics tools, check whether posts and mentions done by bots are being filtered out. Otherwise, the result you will get will be delusional. 


If you want to beat these bots, you need to have a premium social media analytics service. 

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