Ditch Your Influencers If They Don’t Have These 5 Attributes!

May 29, 2017 / by Matti Miettinen Matti Miettinen

Ditch Your Influencers If They Don’t Have These 5 Attributes!

Influencers are also human but they share some prominent signs which make them successful and well-known compared to people like me, for instance.

Social media gives people chances and freedom to express their opinions. Similar to the real society, some have tendency to follow and react passively to others' loud opinions while some others want to contribute to the whole internet community by adding more personal findings or interesting contents. Influencers fall into the second group. However, there are other features to help you identify the best influencers out there.

What are the 5 must-have attributes an influencer should have to be successful in both their own business and partnership with other businesses? Re-evaluate your current influencers by taking a look at the following must-have attributes:

  1. Passionate and inspirational

Each influencer has their own interest in a particular field such as music, beauty, technology or education. The special characteristic which differentiates influencers from other ordinary people (like me!) is that they are really passionate about what they are interested in. Naturally, when you get interested in something, you will educate yourself by reading books, listening to news on radio and TV or finding more information from the Internet. Your passion gradually grows so big that you want to share it with the world.

When that passion  is shared via social media, their expertise level, their passion, and charismatic characteristic start to attract followers and admirers, which also then motivates the influencer to share event more knowledge.

Nicole Loher is a great example of this attribute with her strong love for workout. With saturated-color theme in her Instagram account, she shows her deep passion in being an athlete and inspire over 14k follower to follow her path for a better healthy lifestyle.




  1. Knowledgeable

There is no doubt that passionate people are hungry for information and education. We have access to abundant information thanks to the Internet. Influencers must have much more knowledge about their own interest area in order to be admired and for followers to learn something from them. And the knowledge they carry must be different or inspirational in order to stand out from the crowd.

For example, a Canadian makeup artist Samantha Ravndahl is well-known for her makeup tutorial videos and beauty advice, which helps her followers improve their makeup skills and learn how to take care of their own natural look and healthy body.  



Samantha share her knowledge and promotes various makeup brands via  Instagram and YouTube.

  1. Unique and Creative

As said, the Internet is full of information.  So, being knowledgeable is not enough to make a person stand out from the crowd. The more important thing is the way knowledge is delivered to the audience. They need to be unique. Creative. Different. With the help of creative tools provided by Adobe, MAXON and other applications, we are given limitless power to visualize information through our own videos, music or designs. Unique and creative  “made-by-me”- style makes them stand out and attract more attention.

For example, if you look at Martin Söderström’s Instagram account, I bet that your first impression will be “everything is with bikes!”. Martin is a sports bike specialists and an influencer in Sweden. He currently partners with GoPro, which is a portable camera manufacturer. By using GoPro products, Martin creates himself many cool photos and short videos recording his bike practice. 


  1. Professional

Influencers need to be very professional because the professional image they carry will reflect on the brand that they will promote. Also, successful influencers can communicate with companies more effectively and efficiently. Their professionalism usually comes with a price though.

It is quite difficult to know and follow in detail how professional an influencer is performing in social media. You will need to do a pre-analysis of past posts and comments in public platforms, whether they are getting positive or negative comments, and how they are reacting to those. Once your cooperation has started with a particular influencer, it is important to use some analytic service to automatically follow and analyze their professional performance.

For example, David Carlson describes himself as a rose lover, who is currently working as a senior design strategist and consultant. He also released “A little red book about: MAKE DESIGN MATTER". In his Instagram account, David has about 13.3k followers who love his professional and artistic images. Judging by his successful design career and profound experience in being an influencer, David is not only specialized in designed products but also a professional influential speaker in different design events.




  1. Persuasive

One final attribute that a successful influencer needs to possess is the capability to be persuasive. Even if one is passionate, knowledgeable, creative, and professional, unless they possess the ability to persuade their audience with insights and advice that they are sharing with their followers, influencers are not influencers, rather just a regular person (like me!). Persuasiveness is when people believe in what you say and do as what you advise. In social media, in which tone people react to an influencer’s particular post reflects his/her persuasiveness. Sometimes, the opinion is so strong that it become a trend amongst the audience, which proves that the influencer has been successful in persuading people.

Capability to be persuasive comes from experience, confidence in the knowledge they possess, and the ways in which they can emotionally connect with their followers.

For example, before becoming a huge influencer, Richard Branson was known as a businessman, an investor, and a philanthropist. Over 1.7 million people are following his Instagram account and his followers believe in his advice and opinions due to his success in business and personal reputation.



A post shared by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on


Richard's persuasiveness got stronger when he posted an image of kitesurfing with the former US president Barack Obama:



At the end of the day

This is not an exhaustive list in any way and there are many other attributes that influencers should possess. The characteristics may also differ depending on the industry. You should try to focus on coming up with a list of what types of attributes are important in an influencer for you to reach your goals. Need help in defining the right influencer for your brand? Contact us to get started!

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