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March 20, 2017 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto


We live in an ever changing digital world. Technology and data is gaining a stronger foothold all the time, both in business and in private life. I have been in the marketing profession for over 15 years already ...

... and I must admit that the way we do marketing has changed dramatically over this past 2-3 years. The digital era is affecting how customers interact with brand so fast that it is sometimes very difficult to keep up with the change! We marketers need to understand and make use of relevant data and technology to connect with our customers, or we are the losers in the game. 

So this digital revolution requires brands to rethink how we are communicating with our customers. The concept of big data is in great focus but how can we marketing professionals implement all the technical opportunities and big data into something creative that will engage and create value for our customers?

It's crucial to build a story that creates an emotional connection between your brand and the audience. Simply selling and presenting the brand's products or services doesn't work anymore. Instead, you want to enable conversation and engage with your audience. It's important to speak directly to them in a language that they understand. And social media is the platform to do this. 

This means that relevant data derived from social media is extremely important.

But how do you make sense of all the data you collect? The vast amount of data on social media might seem overwhelming, especially when there are also lots of so-called "noise" or irrelevant data. So it's impossible for any marketing team alone to track everything that your target audience is discussing about.

From the big data, you need to clean the data first. Only after you have narrowed down your data to the relevant ones, you can start analyzing them to get insights into what your audience is discussing about related to your brand. 

What I need you to do now is to stop and think about this - "how accurately does my current social analytics tool analyze social discussions that contains visual images, videos, texts that contain irony, sarcasm, mis-spelled words, and multiple languages?". 

Current "tools" in the market are unfortunately not able to _accurately_ analyze social media data well enough to provide true brand insight to your C-level management team. Even the smartest computer algorythms are not capable of interpreting a social post that contains ironic text messages combined with a photo. 

Let's take this post related to Clash Royal as an example. 


A traditional social media analytics tool would analyze the text "I love Clash Royal. Always available to play." and will provide insights to you that there is a positive discussion going on related to the Clash Royal brand. But as a human, if you read the text and look at the image above it, you can easily see that it is a very ironic comment, criticizing that Clash Royale was under maintenance and could not play the game for 45 minutes. 

Accurate interpretation and usage of big data is only possible with high-quality analytics services. By analyzing what people say about your brand in social media conversations, you're able to create a more meaningful connection to them. In practice, this means more personalized messages. A more meaningful connection created through personalized messages, also means a more meaningful experience for the customer. Understanding how to address your target audience will enhance your brand insight holistically.

With accurate and unbiased social media data analysis, you can also convince your C-level management to change your social media strategy based on your acquired insights. 

Does your brand already make use of high-quality analytics service?  

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