Jarkko Jokirinta

Jarkko is the co-founder and CEO at InsightsAtlas. He is a serial and growth entrepreneur who has a proven track record and roughly 15 years of experience in international sales and business development. A true cosmopolite, he has personally conducted business successfully in Europe, Middle-East, Southeast Asia, United States, and People’s Republic of China, to name a few.
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4 Tips to Finding the Right Influencer for Your Brand

Inspiration, motivation, goals, strategies, and needs are some of the important things you must go through to find the right influencer.

How to Manage Crisis Communications

Criticism and other negative expressions can be very harmful for your brand. No brand is ever safe from negative publicity online. 

How to do Trend Analysis: Case Story

How can brands spot the hottest trends that are meaningful to them, from all the social data available out there, in order to jump onto them as they happen? And how to use that to your advantage?

What is the Key to a Comprehensive Brand Insight?

Even though most marketing professionals acknowledge the importance of analytics, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Emoji Analytics?

Emoji is used everywhere in social media. Emoji analytics is now on the rise with this trend, but what is emoji analytics and how to actually analyze them and their meanings?

Is Your Brand Afraid of Negative Reviews?

People are now able to say whatever they want about your company on social media, whether it's something positive or not. Customers now own the brand.

How to Increase Organic Twitter Followers Without Spending a Dime

Do you want to increase the amount of organic followers without paying anything to those service providers and applications?

Digital Trends in 2016: Video Marketing

Online video is gaining a stronger foothold all the time, and this year has been a really exciting one. Popularity of using it for marketing purpose is also increasing. 

Twitter Makes Diplomacy More Open and Public

Twitter changed how diplomats interact and influenced how we see global leaders....from embarrassing tweets and international spats.

What Is Viral Content?

We have all probably heard the expression 'Going viral'. It's one of the most used "hype" terms within social media and digital marketing space. 

When Brand Marketing Fails in Social Media

Twitter, as well as other social media, has generated tremendous opportunities for companies to engage with customers. But not all ends up positive. 

Social Media and TV shows - What's the Sentiment?

Have you ever tweeted or posted on other social media platforms while watching TV? Sharing with friends what was bad or funny? 

4 Reasons to Use Twitter Ads

Twitter ads popularity has increased dramatically over the years. Twitter ads can be an effective way to broaden your reach, increase brand awareness, and generate leads. 

What is "Unstructured Data"?

'Unstructured Data' refers to those data in social media that even the most powerful computers are unable to classify. 

Why do you have to care about this? 

How to Get More Shares on Twitter?

It is in the interest of companies as well as personal Twitter users to get as many shares on Twitter as possible. Here are some tips on how to get more shares to increase your brand awareness.

7 Tips for Getting Good Customer Support on Twitter

Frustrated by bad customer service? Mad because your cable company is giving you bad telephone support? Take your complaint to Twitter. 

Twitter Users Increasing in Emerging Markets

During 2014, Twitter’s user base will increase by 24.4% according to eMarketer’s forecast, and will continue with double-digit gains through 2018.

What Do Ukrainians Really Think About Recent Events?

The hottest topic at the moment in the social media is the Ukrainian crisis. What's interesting is to be able to find out what average Ukranians are really thinking.