6 Ways to Engage Influencers in Marketing Campaigns: Part 2

August 15, 2017 / by Matti Miettinen Matti Miettinen


Expecting your influencers to do all the work of marketing your products is premature. Influencer marketing requires constant engagement and management. 

In my previous blog, I wrote about 3 ways to engage influencers in marketing campaigns;  sharing common hash tag, promoting influencers, and other interactive activities such as likes, comments, shares or retweets. I also used Harley Davidson and Lancome USA as examples to illustrate my views. Read my previous blog from here.

In this blog, I’ll discuss the last 3 ways how you can engage influencers in your marketing campaigns. These will also be related to how influencers can improve their conversion rates.

(Read my previous blog for points 1-3.)

4. Promotion code

Promotional actions such as giving gifts or offering discounts are used quite often in social media. Although the main objective of cooperation with influencers is to raise awareness of a particular product/brand, you can also give your influencers a special promotion code, which is only valid for their audience, in order to turn them from random followers into actual leads and eventually paying customers.

Here is a good example.

Kohokukkia is an Instagram account belonging to Liina Leino, a Finnish nail technician. She is very active on Instagram and has an impressive number of followers (82.2k as of August,  2017), making her a micro-influencer.

In some of her posts, she puts a photo of her own nail designs which match with the colours of Daniel Wellington watch. They look really elegant and sophisticated together. However, the more interesting thing in these posts is the the promotion code “kohokukkia”. She writes in Finnish language that, by using her promotional code “kohokukkia”, followers can get a Daniel Wellington watch with 15% discount before April 30, 2017.  As a result, her posts reached the average of 5k likes.



5. Open communication style

Influencers bring benefits to companies. So, they should be perceived as strategic and long-term partners. Communication is one of the most important ways to maintain a stable and fruitful partnership.

How should you communicate with influencers? Is it “Hey, how is everything?” or “Our company is going to launch product A? Can you mention it in your next post?”.

Yes, but that’s not enough. The conversation should be open in order to have mutual and deeper understanding of each other for a healthy business relationship. Here are some tips for you to improve your communication style with influencers:

  • Ask for personal point of views

Don’t be too dominating. Although you can decide on what should or should not be told to the crowd, sometimes you should share that right with influencers and work together on what kind of content to post. Influencers are popular individuals who are respected by others. They should not be treated as a publishing machine. Give them some space and freedom to create authentic content for you.

 Influencers, especially in the field of fashion, beauty, and digital arts & marketing, usually hold their own ego. They might be more creative than you. So, with a little bit of flexibility, how about asking them for their ideas and combining them with yours to come up with the best original content?

  • Ask for their quotes

Since your influencers share same values or interest within your industry, getting quotes from them is really valuable. For instance, in your website blog, you can mention your influencer's quotes and comments. This is a good way to intertwine your influencer marketing campaign and other marketing activities. Especially when your influencer is well-known, quoting his/her comments and opinions helps your blogs gain more credibility and appeal to more audience sharing the same interest.  

  • Remember to listen

You will go far just by being a good listener. Listen to what your influencers have to say, what their interests are, what they have been doing, etc. Combine those with your marketing strategy to create the best content. Listening to these influencers talk about just anything may ignite new ideas you had never thought of before.

  • Be Personal and Warm

You should get out of the business context and try to create a more personal connection with your influencers. Having a good personal relationship will create a warm and friendly atmosphere, thereby increasing the amount of communication. The more communication there is, the more understanding and commitment to the brand you get from your influencers.

6. Real-life events

The final point is entirely different from the rest of methods we have discussed. In addition to being active and interacting with followers online, influencers should get involved in real-life events such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences and promotional days organized by the companies they are in partnership with. In turn, companies can also participate in influencers’ activities, such as fan-meetings and performances/concerts. By getting involved in each other’s activities in real-life, influencers’ promotions of your brand becomes more authentic and real to their fans.


Voila! We have gone through 6 ways how you can engage influencers both online and in real life. One last important point I want to share is that after such tremendous amount of effort working with influencers, you will definitely need to measure how your influencer marketing campaign is going. Quantitative and qualitative statistics will give you guidance as to whether your influencer marketing strategy is working or not.

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