6 Ways to Engage Influencers in Marketing Campaigns: Part 1

July 18, 2017 / by Matti Miettinen Matti Miettinen

6 Ways to Engage Influencers in Marketing Campaigns: Part 1

There are different approaches to effectively work with influencers based on the industry you are in, your past experience, and budget.

In this blog, I want to share 6 ways to engage influencers in marketing campaigns in order to produce desired result. These tips might help you to also review your current strategy and come up with new ideas.

1. Sharing a common hashtag

Influencers are your brand ambassadors. That said, right at the beginning of your partnership, you and your influencers should agree on what kind of content to create and how to post it.  Posts by influencers should comply with your company's guidelines (create one if you don’t have one!) in order to avoid unexpected conflicts. Guidelines should not rigidly instruct influencers what they should write or say, so that enough freedom and space for their creativity is provided. Audience appreciate ‘genuine’ messages over molded ones, for sure. However, content posted by influencers should actively be monitored just in case.

Sharing content in Instagram is one of the most popular methods used by influencers because people tend to react actively to visualized content such as photos and videos. The best practice here when sharing mutual content is combining a special hashtag and influencer marketing to boost the reach and engagement rate.

Let’s take Harley-Davidson’s #liveyourlegend as an example. “Live your legend" is a slogan that Harley-Davidson introduced in 2016. Harley-Davidson announced to increase marketing budget by 60% in 2016, and expanded the #liveyourlegend campaign globally in 2017.

By July 2017, 95,235 posts used hashtag #liveyourlegend.

InsightsAtlas Harley-Davidson

Christina (@christinaleebillings) is a motorbike enthusiast, who currently has over 64.5k followers. She can be called a micro-influencer. As a coordinator of events related to motorcycle, she is well-known by people who share the same interest.



Excited for the best brakes and clutches! @dpbrakesracing #teamDPbrakes #DPbrakes #dpbrakesracing

A post shared by christinaleebillings (@christinaleebillings) on



👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 #harleydavidson #bikesareinmyblood #speedandstrength #crashtina #happymonday

A post shared by christinaleebillings (@christinaleebillings) on


Charlie Stockwell (@buble_visor) is currently the Head of Design and Custom at Warr’s Harley-Davidson. He is also a huge motorcycle fan and his Instagram account has 66k followers.



MERLIN 💘 BREAKOUT || 🛠 by @bubble_visor ⚡️ Warr's H-D London

A post shared by CHARLIE STOCKWELL | WARR'S H-D (@bubble_visor) on


Although Charlie is an employee at Harley-Davidson, he is posting from his personal account with the mutually shared hashtag #liveyourlegend to reach more people.

As a results of many posts with #liveyourlegend from micro-influencers, it has become common for many others to also share their Harley-Davidson moments:



New StreetRod 750. #harleydavidson #liveyourlegend #hdlegend2017

A post shared by Adelaide HD Bike Works (@adelaidehdbikeworks) on



By using one common hashtag that everyone can use, all posts related to it has the potential to reach a huge audience base.

2. Promoting influencers

If there are ‘influencers’ promoting your products (with a positive sentiment) to their followers, whether you are in an official business partnership with them yet or not, you should also promote these influencers’ posts.

Promoting influencers brings you at least 2 immediate benefits. First, you can use influencers and their content in your own social media channels (like a new marketing content), by retweeting and commenting. For example, Lancome USA posted a tweet about Jackie Aina (beauty vlogger with 1.5 million YouTube subscribers) and her make-up tutorial videos in which she uses the Teint Idole Foundation Stick from Lancome.



Second, when influencers see themselves being promoted by the brand itself, they will get a positive impression towards the brand (who doesn’t like being positively promoted?). This will create a positive atmosphere whereby influencers would be genuinely motivated to promote your brand even more.

3. Likes, Comments, Shares or Retweets?

Likes, comments, shares or retweets are the primary ways for people to interact with each other online. This is called “engaging”, and “engagement level” is more  important than “impressions” because engagement means that followers took their time to see the post and take some action, instead of just skimming past it.

If you are busy coming up with a unique hashtag and mutual social content to share or to promote your influencers on your social pages, you might forget to like, comment or share influencers’ posts. These actions might seem insignificant, but doing them shows that you care about your influencers and it will also help in reaching more audience.

You will also get an updated overview of their activities. Constant interaction and re-tweeting (or not) of your influencer’s posts will help you prevent any conflicts or crisis, if such thing were to happen. See what happened when Jackie Aina was reviewing Kim Kardashian’s new Contour Kit. Social media communication at its’ crisis point. Once an influencer posts something about your brand, and it wasn’t in the best positive way, you have got to be quick to react. 


In this blog, I covered 3 out of 6 ways you can engage influencers in marketing campaigns. Read my next blog, which I will be posting next week, for the rest.  

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