5 Financial Technology Future Trends on Twitter (2)

March 22, 2018 / by Shiho Hashimoto Shiho Hashimoto

5 Financial Technology Future Trends on Twitter (2)

By following the trending topics your professional fellows are talking about on Twitter, you will find the right path to steer your business forward.

My previous blog discussed about three Twitter keywords (#blockchain, #AI/ #machinelearning, and #insuretech) that suggest emerging trends in the financial service sector. They contribute to shaping the future of how financial services can be operated, business model changed, and workplace environment improved.

In this blog, I will go deeper into two additional hashtags that promise a radical change in the way computational innovations accelerate the speed of problem-solving, and how financial businesses can participate to the future social ecosystem.


4. #quantumcomputing

Quantum computing is a whole new concept to financial service professionals. Developers of this concept believe that it can solve more complicated problems at a faster pace than the current computing method.

Scientists introduced the new term "qubit" as the basic information unit of quantum computing. Qubits are more innovative than normal "bits" that have been used in the traditional computing.

Speaking of a unit's structure, if a typical “bit” represents either 1 or 0 in value, a qubit contains both of them, so that it will generate one more piece of binary information at the same time. Additionally, a qubit can also embrace more complicated information including negative values, which helps to solve complex problems that typical computers cannot.  

A qubit is in the state of superposition that allows it to entangle with the others in quantum computing system regardless of their distances. Instead of solving a problem step by step based on dichotomous model (yes or no) similar to a “bit” in a normal computer, a qubit can change its state and exchange its content with multiple qubits in a shorter time, allowing quantum computing system to output the correct solution faster.

Quantum computing can support financial services by detecting money laundering and other financial crime as well as estimating returns on investment in analytics technology.

Seeing the bright future in the Quantum project, many giant tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and resourceful startups like Rigetti are trying to introduce quantum computers to the market. And the earliest investors such as JP Morgan Chase, Samsung, Hitachi, Daimler AG, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory will be the first to possess the device. Will you be the next one?


5. #smartcity

The term "Smart City" has become popular among high tech supporters on Twitter. The smart city concept focuses on improving the city infrastructure and living standard of residents with the help of IoT (Internet of Things).

IoT is a network of tangible things around our life such as household applications, vehicles, machines, or even humans and animals, that are connected to each other via the Internet. In the future, these physical elements will be able to transmit data within the network so that the living ecosystem will ideally be able to solve problems like car accidents, forest conflagration, terrorism, or natural disasters faster.

If you take a look at #smartcity on Twitter, many ideas have been drafted and illustrated in infographic form.





We can expect a future city embracing the latest technology that will drastically change many areas including agriculture, city emergency service, traffic control and driverless vehicles, city energy supply, and smart shopping and customer service.

Local financial services will also need to transform when IoT technology spreads through the city. Sameer Kishore, the President of NTT DATA Services' banking, financial services, securities, and insurance, has confirmed that IoT directly tracks the physical world, records, and converts them into digital form which can enable responsive actions to solve detected problems. He also brought up some interesting ideas for the development of more optimized services, asset shipment monitoring, and in-premise biotic recognition.  

Bottom line

These 5 trending hashtags will keep their positions on Twitter in 2018. You should track these topics continuously with your social media analytics service. By getting real-time updates and trends related to cutting-edge technologies, you can be confident to drive your business successfully towards the future.

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